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Rating: 4/10

Let’s be honest. This movie looks shitty, has shitty actors (for the most part), and is relatively shitty. If the acting had been better, it would have been decent. There were some cool fight scenes and good special effects but Taylor Lautner just didn’t cut it for me. Even if the supporting cast had been star-studded, Lautner would have ruined it. He’s perfectly qualified to be a successful action movie star. He’s jacked, he knows martial arts and his acting skills are passable. However he has one fatal flaw: his voice. The only way he could have sounded less intimidating in this movie is if he had inhaled a tank of helium prior to shooting each scene. I was never convinced by his acting because he always sounded like some sort of sniveling dork. If he can find a way to fix that he could have a somewhat promising career ahead of him. That’s just my opinion, I could get past the whole twilight crap and take him seriously (as an action movie actor) if he does something his voice. If he had sounded like a normal person, I would have probably given this movie a 7/10, because of its potential. Sure it was a shitty story that wasn’t very compelling, but it could have been worse. I’m afraid the director was trying to use Lautner in certain ways to appeal to teenage girls. So if Lautner finds himself some better roles, maybe he could earn some credibility in the acting world. One thing I’ll never understand about the movie is why Sigourney Weaver agreed to be in this movie. She must have seen some potential in the script but it clearly wasn’t fulfilled.


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